a dream house.

A few weeks ago we were driving around and happened upon a sign on the road for an estate sale. We don’t usually go to estate sales but thought we would check it out and see. Much to our surprise the estate sale brought us to a home that was nestled in the neighborhood of our dreams: Hollin Hills.

Each house here in this quiet wooded neighborhood is amazing. Clean, modern, simple and so so beautiful. It’s located just outside DC and with further research I found it was designed by architect Charles Goodman, who was a key player in the development of the Modernist aesthetic in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Hollin Hills is located on a wooded hillside and each mid-century home is tucked away in it’s own little wooded dream. As we drove around slowly in the neighborhood we took in the lovely details of each home an orange door, beautiful steel typographic house numbers, flat rooftops, walls of window, open coridors, and just the straight and simple lines of the homes. We’re glad we discovered Hollin Hills and are dreaming that one day maybe we’ll live in that one with the orange door…

photo credit: (bottom left) Eric Laignel