Three Potato Four is a husband + wife led product and graphic design studio located outside of Philadelphia. Started in 2007, we are a one-stop shop, specializing in totally customized product development for small and large retail and fashion brands. From initial concept to design, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery of final product, ready for sale or distribution - we got it covered. Blech...okay, here’s what we really want to say:
We've been producing products for our own retail/wholesale line for over a decade. Fun stuff, pretty cool stuff if we do say so ourselves, and so we feel pretty good and darn confident about producing products for our clients. We’ve already made the mistakes. We understand the production, we understand your crazy deadlines, and we know the right questions to ask you, to ask our factories. We both came from the design industry in NYC so we’ve been through the grinder and our customers benefit from our combined experiences.
We are not a promo company. Definitely not a promo company. We like working on projects with good people and good brands. Our clients come to us because we are small and as such we keep our roster small so that we can be our client's partners, not just a vendor. For real. We're stoked that our client list includes Nordstrom, Spotify, LLBean, Urban Outfitters, Instagram, Mailchimp, Magnolia, and other large national brands but we love the small guys just as much..after all, we are one of them.