Olives + Seaweed + Spinach = Yum

This year is the first year I’m packing lunches for Holly. It’s weird for me. I was a latch key kid, both my parents worked and I always purchased my school lunches. So I went all out and purchased a fun bento box lunchbox for, which I found there is even a flickr group dedicated to. I try to pack her stuff she will eat but Holly has a unique palette. Some of her favorite foods are olives, spinach, any filipino food, broccoli, anything with a strong garlic flavor, sushi (california rolls mostly), and cauliflower. She won’t touch a sandwich.

Stu and I think her teacher must think we pack her weird food.

Today’s lunch consisted of:
-seaweed (she likes to make her own sushi)
-sauteed spinach w/ sesame oil
-cucumber slices
-oyster crackers
and a string cheese