dwarfskill preserve lodge

Places like these should be kept secret but this place is too good not to share. We just returned from a short trip from a place six miles outside Milford, PA called Dwarfskill Lodge. The 575 acres of Dwarfskill Lodge once was a hunting club founded in the 192os, on it sits three cabins, a running stream/river where trout are plentiful, rows and rows of pines and abundant wildlife. Sean Strub, owns this magical land – Dwarfskill Preserve and also owns the beautifully restored Hotel Fauchere in town. He showed us around the camp when we arrived telling us about the history of the place and informing us of wildlife we may encounter on our stay. The cabins are cozy and vary in sizes. The Lodge, the Caretakers Cottage and the Loveshack. Much to our happiness each one is decorated with many beautifully chosen antiques and art pieces. It is a private peaceful place.

Our days consisted of hikes to the river and into the woods, discovering wild turkey and bear tracks along the snow, fishing for trout along the rivers edge, peeking into outhouses and abandoned buildings like the old chicken coop, gathering forest souvenirs and playing within makeshift teepees in the forest. We cooked our own food in the backyard bonfire we made and only left once during our stay to get bait and milk at the local tackle shop.

It’s 575 acres to roam and explore. A short trip from Philly and even closer to NYC. Please visit this magical place, you will love it. Tell Sean Shrub we sent you.