dusty corners, attics + barns

As kids, both Stu and I grew up with collectors in our family. My mom used to take me to long rides out to the country where we’d scour tiny antique shops and stay in musty bed and breakfast inns. Stu’s dad and aunt tell us stories of going down to the basement of their Brooklyn apartment searching for treasures thrown away by others. It wasn’t until I moved away and lived on my own that I grew to appreciate the places my mom used to take me and began to love something that showed its age, was perfectly time worn and once loved. I’m sure my mom thinks it is amazing how the antique outings and garage sale hunts with her have woven their way into my life now.

Since we started Three Potato Four when Holly was just two, we have so many photos of both of them on our many buying trips.  It has become harder for the kids to come with us with school and life. But we sneak a trip in with them for time to time. As stressful as it may be for Stu and I making sure they don’t touch everything or break everything- they have both already come to appreciate the old things we love and sell and the unusual places we go to find them.