The Diet Starts.....Now...Okay, wait....Now.

Like most people, I tend to pack on the pounds during the Winter months. It's just hard to stay away from good food and it seems like the answer when anyone ever asks "more anything?" is always..."more everything!". So I'm trying to do my best now to get a bit better in shape so that I don't sweat so much when I play Wii against my nephew and can actually justify our YMCA Family Plan membership - of which there seems to be no Plan at all really and in fact doesn't involve Family either come to think of it.

So I told Janet that the better eating starts today. And despite starting the day off with Eggo French Toaster Sticks (which have become a staple lately) all was good except for when it came to dessert after dinner. We were out on a trip for the shop and stopped by the only restaurant in this small town, a place way over-fancy from where we usually might eat. If you haven't been to this one, you've been to others - usually called something like the Carriage House or Carriage Inn or Inn House and you can bet on Surf & Turf on the specials menu every time. We were hesitant about going in but the only other option was Pizza Hut and having that sit low and lazy in our stomachs for a near 2 hour drive home would not bode well...for anyone, really. The dinner itself was healthy enough, but then they brought out this dessert tray. And what particularly caught my eyes, as well as Holly's was this peanut butter chocolate thing. I'm not sure what my confusion is with desserts lately, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

stu: What's that one there?
waitress: Coconut Cake
(awkward silence)
stu: Okay, so what's that one?
waitress: That's our Peanut Butter Cup Cake
stu: What's in it?
waitress: Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Cake
stu: Oh. So it's like a Peanut Butter Cup?
waitress: Yes, it's basically a really big Peanut Butter Cup
stu: So is it made from Peanut Butter Cups?
waitress: No, it's like a Peanut Butter Cup. It's Peanut Butter and Chocolate.
stu: So there's nothing to do with cups?
waitress: (silence)
stu: Is it good?
waitress: Yeah..I guess...if you like Peanut Butter and Chocolate
stu: I do.....I do.

So the diet starts......tomorrow.