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December 04, 2017 by Janet Morales

mini bike season

We've been playing outside so much lately and it feels so good. The kids are out riding their bikes and running around with neighborhood friends, playing tag, swinging on the rope swing, climbing trees, fishing along the pond and pretending they are contestants on survivor. I'm so excited to be gardening again and Stu has been out riding his mini bikes. With our work so intertwined with the internet and the social media world of today, how amazing it is to come home and pretend we live in the woods away from it all. Maybe this is a sign we are getting older or realizing more and more what we want out of life after all. 

March 14, 2016 by Janet Morales

song for you

"The Sun" by Sures

February 05, 2016 by Janet Morales
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public radio is the coolest

It's cool when you have the opportunity to do what you love for something you love as well. We recently had the honor to work with our local public radio station WXPN 88.5 in Philly. We designed goods for their Fall Fund drive to generate revenue for the station. The Vintage Style Tee and Hotel Key Tag are very 3P4 and we were glad to have the chance to create custom designs especially for WXPN. We recently took our kids to the Free At Noon show to see Yo La Tengo play at WXPN's HQ in Philadelphia and were so happy that we did. 

Support public radio, folks!

February 02, 2016 by Janet Morales

song for you

"Down by the Singing Sea" by Walter Martin

January 24, 2016 by Janet Morales
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free as a bird

 Our Letterclub Message Boards are now available in a variety of sizes and colors. What will your message say?

January 21, 2016 by Janet Morales

song for you

"Horse In The Sky" by Chris and Thomas

December 11, 2015 by Janet Morales
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spreading holiday cheer

The holidays are here! Thank you for supporting our shop and purchasing our hand-picked goods for your loved ones this holiday. We are truly thankful to you. In addition to selling via our website, Stu and I have a Holiday Market pop up at Art In the Age in Philadelphia throughout the holidays and we will be traveling to NYC on Dec 11-13 to sell at the ever spectacular Pop-Up Flea. Please visit if you find yourself in Philly or NYC. 

December 10, 2015 by Janet Morales

right before it gets crazy

We're trying to soak it up - these next short weeks right before Thanksgiving, when trick or treating is behind us and the holidays are almost here. The color of the leaves are slowly fading to brown and is beginning to cover the ground instead.

We're prepping for the holidays, gathering found goods and curating new goods for our online shop. We are wrapping up some larger special custom collections we've designed, one heading to Japan. We've set up our shop-in-a-shop for the holidays at Art In the Age in Philly. We'll be traveling to NY again to sell at the Pop Up Flea and are updating our online shop with many more holiday gifts.

But before all that, we're enjoying this quiet, this time right before things get a little crazy. 

November 09, 2015 by Janet Morales
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song for you

"Sing To Me" by Walter Martin and Karen O

October 28, 2015 by Janet Morales
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