Fruit…by the Foot

It’s late and I’m trying to do good and post more on the blog. Here are some of my thoughts on fruit-related things:

1. Grapefruit spoon. I can confidently say that, growing up, for about 5 years of my life my breakfast consisted of a grapefruit and fruity pebbles cereal. I had only 1 grapefruit spoon during this time and it’s since been lost. Having re-found my love of grapefruits recently, I’m now on the hunt for a serrated spoon with the bamboo handle.

2. Pineapples grow on the ground. Discovered during our honeymoon in central america, I thought that the hotel had placed these in the ground as a joke to the tourists. I’m still in disbelief to this day. I just really can’t wrap my head around it. I thought they grew on trees just like coconuts. How can this be?

3. Home-grown banana tree. A long time ago I saw an ad in a strange catalog where you could buy your own mini banana tree and grow it in your home. The picture in the ad showed that the person had their banana tree in the bathroom. Yes, that image is still in my mind and to this day I can no longer accept bananas people offer me in their home.

4. Backyard fruit trees. Growing up in NJ, this is a totally foreign concept to me. Janet’s relatives were in-town from California and they brought some avocados from the trees in their backyard. What? I can’t explain how dumbfounded I was. All I could think in my head was, “wow…that sounds like something you would need a license or permit for”.

5. Fruit by the Foot. Nothing beats the original. All these peelout shapes are just distraction. Everyone just mushes it into a ball anyway.