First Days

Holly began Montessori preschool yesterday. When Stu and I were deciding between traditional preschool and the Montessori program, one of the things that drew me to Montessori were the materials – the educational toys the kids learn from. They are so beautiful and so wonderfully simple. I love that most of them are made from wood. It’s a refreshing change from the all the junky plastic toys for kids these days.

Over breakfast before I dropped her off at school, we discussed what her first day might be like. How she’ll make new friends, be learning new things, meet new teachers… so many exciting things! I asked her about her favorite part of her day when I picked her up later that afternoon and she preceded to tell me in enthusiastic detail about the small toilets that had in the bathroom that were just her size. I guess little, simple things make her happy too.

Happy first day of school!