Spunkmeyer, Redding and Elevators

Otis turns six months in a few weeks. He’s eating rice cereal, currently has a cold, likes to try to eat blankets – stuffing them in his face and has two bottom teeth now. His face has really changed to me and I think he really has grown into his name. Stu and I kept his name secret from family and friends when I was pregnant with him. We knew we might get opinions on it that we didn’t want to hear and in fact when he was born, many people weren’t too keen on it. My mom especially with her filipina accent had a hard time pronouncing it – to this day she calls him “Autis”. I told her to just call him “Oats”.

Stu wanted a name that was as unique as his. I have yet to meet another Stu and the only other Otis’ we can think of are:
Otis Spunkmeyer – those cookies are good
the great Otis Redding
and the Otis Elevator company.

And so to celebrate Otis and his elevator company he received this amazing christmas present from our good friends. It’s a Otis Elevator medallion from the 1930′s – which they mounted and framed for him. I haven’t hung it up in his room yet. We think it’s really beautiful and unique just like his name.

thanks mike + xtina