black sesame ice cream + hopia

Happy Chinese New Year!
One of our favorite places to explore and wander around is in Chinatown in New York. Almost every weekend when we lived in the city we often found ourselves there satisfying our cravings of dim sum, fresh baked delights and ice cream in flavors like almond cookie, lychee or black sesame ice cream. I miss Chinatown the most. Here are our favorite two places to visit in Chinatown.

Golden Fung Wong Bakery. A tiny unassuming bakery on Mott Street. There is a filipino treat called Hopia that they make here. It is a delicious bean filled pastry. They come wrapped in wax paper and are filled with either Mung Bean, Black Bean or Lotus Seed. My favorite is filled with black bean.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. Delicious and unusual ice cream flavors like Almond Cookie, Avocado, Lychee, Taro and Black Sesame. Mmmm.

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