at the soapbox races

We love this (spring 08) campaign from Kate Spade that captures a day of soapbox racing. It makes us wish for days as a kid where our biggest dilemmas were where or who we were going to play with and maybe a scraped knee or elbow.

Now as parents we are lucky to be able to relive this carefree and innocent time with our children, although occasionally we may revert back to being five years old. Case in point: Our daughter has a hand-me-down battery operated jeep that is just her size. You push on the gas and it goes and can even drive in reverse. It was passed down from her cousins so we revived it with a little orange spray paint and it looks pretty cool. The person who loves it the most however is not Holly but Stu. I sometimes see him squeeze into it and drive it up our driveway to get the mail and speed down as fast as those plastic wheels can go. Holly and I are waiting for the wheels to buckle but we sure laugh when we see him driving it all around our yard. I’m hoping our son Otis will want to build a soap box car one day, so Stu can race it around too.