kids in an antique store

Our daily routine is so different now that we have a shop. We are still trying to find the right balance which we hope will become easier when we open the shop and have regular hours. I’ve been bringing the kids there as often as we can mostly the afternoons. They’ve already discovered their favorite neighborhood places – Chloe’s Corner an ice cream/water ice shop down the street and a great pub a block away called The Ugly Moose, they especially love that the pub lets us draw on their floors with chalk.

Otis has become a big helper and whenever he sees us doing work around the shop he likes to imitate us – carrying lumber around, sanding floors, cleaning and sweeping – he’s got a good work ethic. Stu has put Holly in charge of the penny candy section of the shop. We’ve told her she can “curate” the candy to sell. She’s very excited and has already made a handmade sign and has her favorite spot in the store – sitting behind the counter.

Sometimes we get nervous with them running around with all the antiques. But they’ve grown up surrounded by these things and playing with the occasional antique pedal car or vintage toy machine is pretty darn fun. There is a back room to the shop that we are going to dedicate to shipping and packing and also make it a hangout place for the kids afterschool. Stu is on the hunt for a skee-ball machine to put back there for them. Hmmm, I’m not so sure but maybe… I want this place to be as fun for them as it is for us.