home in pa

It will be almost two years this July that we have lived here in Pennsylvania. Stu and I have always been wanderers and seemed to love moving somewhere new every two or three years, we were addicted to the change and finding new places – never really finding “the place” where we wanted to settle. We moved here to PA very spontaneously, knowing we needed a new home for our business and taking a chance that we might find the right place for us.

And you know what? We have. We truly love it here. The people we have met are amazing- our neighbors, our friends and the community- hard-working, generous, friendly, gritty and real. The places we are still discovering here feel like secrets. There so much history in PA – hidden farms, mills, creeks and paths. It has been a great adventure.

Maybe this need to feel settled is because it’s not just Stu and I anymore and our children are not babies anymore but it’s really nice to put roots somewhere and feel at home.