life with these two.

Although we are not diligent about constantly updating this blog of ours – it makes me happy that we’ve documented some moments of our life through the growth of our business and most especially the growth of our children. It’s annoying how life gets so busy and we are in a rush way too much.

Stu and I love our work and this business we’ve grown – we are slowly working hard to accomplish so much more with Three Potato Four. However, with all work – you get caught up in it, stressed, consumed and totally overwhelmed. Holly and Otis are a constant reminder for us to slow down and really enjoy life – if work has to be put on hold it will just have to be because the two of them will not be little too much more. We’ll probably never find the balance between work and life. But I’m pretty sure that the walk in the woods, trip to the orchard, ride on the steam train, and the fishing afternoon along the pond, those small adventures we take with H + O are what we’ll remember most.