We're Stuffed!

Well, we just made it back from the family Thanksgiving and we're stuffed..and so is the shop! We were happy to find lots of packages had arrived while we were away and we'll be updating inventory in the shop over the next few days. First up...all of the Shinzi Katoh favorites are now back-in including the Bluebird & Trees Carafe, Piyo Measuring Set, Toaster Plate and the Plush Rabbit and Pig.

We were also happy to find the Whale Chalkboard and our 32 ounce milk-bottle carafe listed as one of Chow.com's top Gifts under $50.

And last, but certainly not least, we've been covertly working with illustrator/designer/typographer Jim Datz on an amazing screenprint - and it's finally here! Look for a newsletter and blog update within the next few days with its official announcement and when they will be for sale in the shop.

But before I go, I have to relay the best story from Thanksgiving. When packing up the car for the long ride home, I ran out of room in the back and was forced to put a full pumpkin pie on the backseat in between the two car seats (baby Oats and Holly) to ensure its safe arrival. The first half of the car ride home was great...which means that Otis was sleeping, but at the mid-way mark he started wailing like gangbusters. We've never done this before, but we had to pull over on the shoulder and Janet got in the back between the two car seats to try and get baby Oats to calm down...and of course, he did. So fast forward to three hours later in our home kitchen with Janet asking me where I put the pumpkin pie. "In the back between the car seats", I said, not really thinking anything of it. Janet quickly gave me a blank stare: "What?! That's where I was sitting!". So we ran to get the pie and yes, it was more than a bit squashed. But sitting here writing this post I really can't figure out if it's funnier simply that Janet sat on the pie or that she sat on the pie for a full three and didn't even notice. Hmm...