Truly Inspiring

It was tough waking up early today, but got really inspired when I stumbled upon this link of little paper houses crafted from old business cards and paper materials. At first, they just look like a great little crafty project, but after taking a closer look and reading Sharon’s story, you see how absolutely amazing they really are; how such wonderful stories have been crafted from these simple little card and paper houses. I can’t think of a better or craftier way to record memories and will definitely start this tradition with our family. So much packed into one little structure: every piece telling its own story: where the materials are from (a favorite restaurant or local shop’s business card, packaging from a box of chocolates from valentine’s day, etc.) the selection of the structure itself (grandma’s house, the local church, the log cabin we rented by the lake, etc.), the hands of the person who made it. They are an absolutely wonderful way to capture a moment in time. You could even extend these to other significant objects like a little subway car made from old Metrocards to remember the subway line you took to work everyday while living in the city (well, that would be the first one I think I would make).