Stu Rabbit

My jaw is still on the floor after accidentally stumbling upon the back cover of this really cool 1970′s cardboard press-out book (similar to the ones in our shop). We were set to put this up in the store when I turned to the back and couldn’t believe it…. Stu Rabbit. I’ve always thought that I had an unusual name – whenever I met someone new they’d either say, “I never met anyone named Stu before” or…. “I know a guy named Stu….he’s really weird”. Well, I definitely agree on both fronts. I’ve never really known anyone else on a personal level named Stu and the ones I’ve heard of were definitely…not so normal (including myself, which I’ve recently come to grips with – I guess you always kind of grow into the name you’re given). But you can throw that all out the window cause this Stu Rabbit is awesome and has given me a new perspective on my name. Not only is this rabbit named “Stu”, he’s pink, and if you attach the press-out legs to the body, they spin around like Fred Flintstone driving in his car. To boot, he looks like a kind of an amazing rejected Jay Ward cereal mascot!Okay, I just now breezed through the rest of the book and it’s confirmed. The name “Stu Rabbit” shares company with “Hattie Beaver”, “Kooky Klown”, “Packer Elephant” and “Nutty Squirrel” among others. Awesome. I love my name.