G5….You Sank My Submarine

We have small bathroom in our bedroom that we’ve never used. Not once. Maybe because our main bathroom is bigger and that’s also where Holly has her baths, brushes her teeth, etc. and we’re always together anyway. But no more. I’ve made it my mission to make this bathroom so appealing, so enticing so….awesome, we’d be silly not to use it. My mission: Submarine-themed bathroom.

I’m taking my inspiration partly from the movie, The Toy, with Richard Pryor (one of my favorite movies) and partly from what I think a submarine-themed bathroom should be (and yes, Janet does get worried sometimes that she may have married a 5-year old boy).

There is a scene in the movie that takes place in the Bates mansion bathroom (where Richard Pryor takes a bath with Eric Bates with their clothes on) and the bathroom is outfitted with amazing model ships behind museum glass display cases. This bathroom is, of course, gigantic, but it’s a good starting point and I’m going to work off of that. Here are some pics of the blank slate bathroom as it stands today, crisp and clean. Please definitely post with any suggestions you may have. Currently I’m on the lookout for a periscope.