Peanuts® Collector's Classic: Limited Edition Snoopy Flower Bouquet Trash Pail (Almost Perfect)

$ 36.00 $ 60.00
Almost Perfect!

NOTE: Due to a slight issue with the last and final shipment we just received of our exclusive limited edition Snoopy trash pails - these "almost perfect" pails are being offered at a 40% discount. Please see our short video explanation. During shipment, the pails were not nested properly resulting in a very slight indentation along the bottom. We would rate these a strong A-. It's very minor and to 
might even be difficult to notice unless in certain lighting, but because they are not perfect A's, we are happy to offer them at a 40% discount.

Almost Perfect - Video Explanation

The Snoopy Trash Pail. A household staple in the 1970s and a since beloved collectible for any casual or serious Snoopy collector. Inspired by its timeless appeal, we have meticulously and soulfully designed and crafted the first two designs in our Peanuts® Collector’s Classic series to capture the essence of those cherished originals. Brought to life with the same styling and feeling of the originals, these aren’t just trash cans; they are a tribute to an era, a nod to nostalgia, and a piece of history revived. 

Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike, the items in our Peanuts® Collector’s Classic series are a slice of Americana, lovingly recreated for the collector, the dreamer, the lover of timeless design.

Limited Edition
11.14" x 7.2" x 13" (28.3cm x 18.3cm x 33cm)
Double-Sided (Different Artwork on Each Side)
Tin with 
Gold Finish Interior
Embossed Bottom
Special Limited Edition Metallic Seal

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