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Hey there! In addition to our popular Three Potato Four branded products, we are also a single-source design and production agency specializing in unique branded merchandising programs. From custom product design to sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and fulfillment. From single event giveaways to comprehensive product collections for national big box retailers, we are a one-stop shop for super fun, incredibly unique, highly-saleable products. Get in touch today to get started!
Pins, key tags, pennants, bottle openers, shot glasses, and patches designed for Topshop by Three Potato FourTown Wharf General Store souvenir collection of T-shirts, pennants, beach towels, shot glasses, and keychains designed by Three Potato FourL.L. Bean collectible souvenir items designed by Three Potato Four, including pennants, key tags, enamel pins, float pens, magnets, floatie key chains, and puffy stickersBright yellow key tags designed for Soul Cycle by Three Potato FourClear collectible items designed by Three Potato Four to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nike Air Max, including umbrellas, piggy banks, mugs, backpacks, and playing cards.Three-Potato-Four designed banners, key tags, and pennants created for Magnolia.Happy Camper souvenir collection of T-shirts, duffles, totes, shot glasses, and beach towels by Three Potato Four.Spindrift brand bright, summer-colored key tags by Three Potato Four.
CPCM-branded T-shirts, sweatshirts, totes, notebooks, shot glasses, pins, and pencils by Three Potato Four.WXPN public radio branded stickers, T-shirts, and key tags designed by Three Potato Four.Large collection of custom-designed Hawaiian-themed souvenir items for Urban Outfitters in Honolulu, created by Three Potato Four.

Three Potato Four letter boards displayed at a Nordstrom Pop-In.

Three Potato Four pennants, key tags, and T-shirts displayed at a Nordstrom Pop-In.Texas, Minnesota, and North Dakota themed souvenir collection designed for Kittsona by Three Potato Four.Three Potato Four pennants and letter board designed for Bloomingdale's.Urban Outfitters California-themed souvenir items, including mugs, pennants, and key tags, produced and fulfilled by Three Potato Four.