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lector, pinsetter + other long lost professions.

Sharing a great photo story from NPR on obsolete jobs.

A “lector” who read aloud to cigar workers newspapers and political tracts as they worked, a “typesetter” who set type when manual type was norm, the “milkman” delivering fresh milk from a horse drawn wagon, a “pinsetter” setting up bowling pins before automated bowling alleys…

photos via Library of Congress, National Archives & Getty Images

March 09, 2010 by Janet Morales

the last remaining van

We're still on the hunt for a van to haul goods for Three Potato Four. And are inspired by this collection of photographs by filmmaker + photographer Joe Stevens. The project captures some wonderfully amazing "vans and the places where they were..." Check out more on the site Vans and the places where they were Thanks, circuitbreaks
February 15, 2010 by Janet Morales




we were floored by the beautiful images photographer james chiang sent us of some items that he purchased from our shop. we were particularly keen of the detailed close-up shots of the antique taxidermy alligator. check out more of james' inspiring work on his blog.

February 01, 2010 by Janet Morales

assemble, contain + catalog






A behind-the-scenes documentation of installations from natural history museums by photographer Richard Barnes. From his monograph entitled Animal Logic.

via sub-studio

December 06, 2009 by Janet Morales







A photo documentary of storefronts from small family run businesses throughout New York City. Clic Gallery is currently exhibiting this amazing photograph collection by James and Karla Murray now till August 30th. We hope that one day when Three Potato Four opens up a storefront it will look and feel as mom-and-pop, well-loved and worn as these do.

storefront: the disappearing faces of new york
photos by james and karla murray
via the scout

August 10, 2009 by Janet Morales
Tags: photography

worn and weathered



found type from designer Jesse Southerland
taken in and around Indiana…

via acejet170

July 21, 2009 by Janet Morales

smithsonian's first photographer

2551282908_8a4e4fdde2 2551346742_1235f6b17b 2575901266_3f91f423b7 2550594367_6d1f722aa3 These amazing photographs are from this Smithsonian Institution flickr set. Thomas Smillie was the Smithsonian's first photographer. These photos are his documentations of Smithsonian life, cataloging much of the institution's physical collections and museum installations. Smillie used blue cyanotypes to keep track of the glass-plate negatives his staff made, in part because the medium presented a quick and inexpensive way to create photographic prints. The bulky glass negatives were numbered and filed.
June 02, 2009 by Janet Morales

i love this.


photo originally uploaded by whiskeygonebad

“I am thinking: If I could just walk up to him as I usually would, touching his shoulder and saying ‘good morning Grandpa’ where he would lower his paper and turn up to look at me to say, ‘Ninutso bello’ with a smile.” -whiskeygonebad

via brownstoner

March 17, 2009 by Janet Morales


February 03, 2009 by Janet Morales
Tags: photography

life in pictures

Drive- in theaters, science classrooms and ladies of leisure. Some of my favorite photos from LIFE magazine. Find your favorites in this amazing photo archive. -janet

photos via

January 13, 2009 by Janet Morales
Tags: photography