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happy halloween

Happy Halloween to you! We carved our pumpkins last night. These are our before and after shots. This halloween Holly is Little Red Riding Hood and Mr. Otis is The Big Bad Wolf (although he really looks like a bear, because the only thing I could find was a brown fleece suit with ears). He looks really scary though.

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October 31, 2008 by Janet Morales
Tags: halloween

Getting Ready for Halloween

This year will be Holly’s first year of trick-or-treating. Stu and I are getting ready and are going to go out today and buy some stuff to decorate our house. Living in an apartment for the past seven years we have missed out on handing out candy. Now that we are in a house with a long driveway and a neighborhood filled with kids, we’re loading up on the candy.

I got Holly a ladybug costume last year at a thrift store for five dollars and now she fits into it just in time for halloween. She tried it on the other day and looks cute. I tried to convince Stu to buy a bumblebee costume to match when we were in Target the other day. He refused but he did try it on. I took a picture of him in it at the store but he wouldn’t let me post it up here. It was hilarious!

October 11, 2007 by Janet Morales
Tags: halloween