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Waiting on photo booth photos through the years. We have so many of these shots. With the immediate satisfaction of iphone photos these days that you can so easily retake, it is so nice to take these perfectly imperfect photo booth photos. The are always so real and are one of my favorite mementos of a trip. 

August 03, 2015 by Janet Morales

jersey ice cream co.


Beautifully designed homes by the Jersey Ice Cream Co., a couple who travel around turning houses into homes. We love their style. 


All photos via Jersey Ice Cream Co.

July 01, 2014 by Janet Morales


Collected paper in our paper packs.

June 04, 2014 by Janet Morales
Tags: collection

for luck

March 12, 2014 by Janet Morales
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old photos of us

Old photos of Stu and I as babies. Growing up this was a favorite train that traveled through the woods and over a lake. Stu is wearing shorts that his mom saved through the years and Otis now wears. Good memories.

January 10, 2013 by Janet Morales
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Forestbound is a wonderful brand headed by Boston-based designer Alice Saunders. Alice uses exclusively found and salvaged textiles to create a line of durable, utilitarian tote bags. Each bag is extremely well-crafted and comprised of time worn historic fabrics and hardware that is sourced throughout New England. We are proud to be offering this line at Three Potato Four. The Forestbound line is a beautiful fit for our shop and really reflects much of what we love. A one-of -a-kind well-crafted gift for you or someone special.


November 20, 2012 by Janet Morales


November 10, 2011 by Janet Morales
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depression-era mugshots

November 04, 2011 by Janet Morales
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assembled collection

Love this photo that a customer took of  his recent purchases from our Barn Sale. It is fun to see what people find and assemble from our shop. He has a great eye for type, check out his online shop Ugmonk based here in the Philadelphia area.

Thanks, Jeff for coming by!

September 04, 2011 by Janet Morales

a unique event

It is not often that you can peruse and purchase items from a movie set. We are happy to promote and be a part of this pretty awesome sale. This warehouse located at the Philadelphia Navy Yard is filled with items from a recent Hollywood movie that was filmed right here in Philadelphia. (unfortunately, we cannot reveal the film because of a contract but you can guess when you go to the sale)

Make sure to be at this Huge Warehouse Sale on August 4 + 5 , 9am-5pm. The merchandise is varied, immense and quite unusual. Everything from antiques, textiles, farmhouse tables + bookcases, vases and vessels, statues, pottery and much more. Prices will be very affordable – with everything priced to move. More info about this sale here.

Hope you can make it out to this event!

July 29, 2011 by Janet Morales