Night Stories + Bird Stories

My first post.
Matthew Schenning is a night person and his photographs are as sweet as his dance moves, which include but are not limited to: shopping cart, robot in disguise and row the boat (aka “lazy river”). We’ve known Matt for many years and are proud to feature his work in our shop. Available now are 8 x 10 prints from his “Night Stories” series as well as select works from “Coney Island”. If you’re in NYC, check out his new work on display at De La Espada – opening very soon.

On another note, Janet has selected these bird and birdnest hand-glazed ceramic plates to add to our Tableware offerings. Check it out! The Bird Vase pictured is coming soon.
And last, but not least. Despite numerous requests, we will not be posting the picture of me in a bee costume on the blog nor will we be sending it via email to anyone. ever.