Pillows for Sale

When I first moved to New York, I was living in a tiny brownstone apartment in the West Village with Stu. We were sharing it with another couple and it was tight quarters. Although the street we lived on was the most beautiful street, Morton Street, a tree-lined brownstone block. It was 2001 and the job market for graphic designers was not great. So in the meantime I worked in a cafe around the corner and I started making pillows.
I would sew them in our tiny room and sell them on weekends with Stu at street fairs and also outside our brownstone steps. It was maybe one of the most memorable summers (and hottest) we ever had in new york. Selling our wares. It only lasted a summer -I soon got a full time design position. But working on our own for a bit made us realize it was our eventual goal and that we maybe could do something together as a team. Stu is definitely better business minded and I am happy to do the creative things. We still have some of the pillows I sewed that summer, some of them on Holly’s bed and some we’ve given as gifts to friends. It’s a fun memory, us sitting under a street fair tent, and Stu yelling “Pillows for sale!”