Trip to the Country

The three of us took a short trip to the country for a few days to do some shopping for the shop. It’s nice to visit these small little towns and eat at the local restaurants, enjoy the fresh farm markets where fresh baked pies and fresh bread are plentiful, and see great barns like this with clothes neatly hung to dry on a clothesline.

We love these towns, although we do tend to stand out a bit and usually get some looks. We’re definitely used to it, but the other night it got a bit strange. We were at a local restaurant in one of these towns and literally everyone in the place kept staring at us, almost uncontrollably. One drunk guy even approached me while Stu was in the bathroom and kept asking me “is this her?” “is it really her?” (about Holly). I almost had to grab Holly and run. It was such a weird dinner and then, halfway through, Stu looks up and posted to one of the rafters are all these photos of this family – and they looked just like us! Turns out it was the owners of the restaurant and I guess they are local celebrities…or oddities.

But the meal ended in a funny way. Here’s Stu’s conversation with the waitress who had a bit of an accent (Stu’s not good with deciphering accents). Stu’s mystified face during the whole ordeal was hysterical. I think he was overly tired from all the driving:

Stu: do you have any desserts?
Waitress: let me check…(comes back). yes, we have coke-n-a-cake
Stu: what’s that?
Waitress: coke-n-a-cake?
Stu: i’ve never heard of that. i don’t understand. what…what is it?
Waitress: it’s just coke-n-a-cake
Stu: yeah. i don’t…i don’t get it. it’s coke and a cake?
Waitress: yes.
Stu: well, what kind of cake?
Janet (intervening): Stu…it’s coconut cake.
Stu: oh….no, thanks. i don’t like coconut. can we just have the check?

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