Secret is Out

So. Stu and I have been keeping this little secret on this blog. For the past few months there’s been a little person growing inside me. It was hard not to talk about it on this blog, but we both didn’t want to share it with the internet until he arrived. And yesterday he did! His name is Otis, and he has my nose and Stu’s lips. We haven’t yet decided on his middle name. He is the sweetest and Holly is super excited to be his big sister.

It was a tough pregnancy for me, so much morning sickness (or all day sickness) for the first four months, trying to find the balance with Holly and working with Stu on the shop all the while finding it harder to carry around my ever growing body, and for the last month I was stuck on bed rest in the hospital. A month of bed rest was tough! Luckily, since Stu and I have an online shop, I was able to continue to do shop updates with him via my laptop, keep up with customer emails and post on our blog. As I write this I’m still here in the hospital, but I think Otis and I are going home tomorrow or Thursday. I cannot wait.

Will post pictures soon, but for now this is my belly at 8 month and Holly.