Summer treats.

This summer I’ve become obsessed with frozen yogurt from Iceberry. (It’s the equivalent we have here to Pinkberry). My favorite is the Honeydew flavor and I got Holly and her cousins hooked too. Stu is more of an ice cream lover. I crave iceberry as a summertime treat – especially to cool off on a humid east coast day.

Other summertime favorites of ours are:
-an ice cold Horchata drink- a yummy latin american drink made of made of ground cinnamon, almond, and rice milk.
-ice cream from Giffords in Bethesda, MD
-frozen bubble drinks – we go to this place called Song Que – a vietnamese deli that makes the BEST ones – taro, avocado or watermelon are our favorite flavors.

Enjoy the weekend!