we have an alligator in our house.


Our daughter is four and like most kids her age she likes to tell stories and has a crazy imagination. At preschool one day she told her teacher about an alligator with sharp teeth, long claws and a dusty scaly tail that lived in her house until one day we sent him away in the mail. When I picked her up from school that day her teacher told us about her alligator story. She was shocked to find out it was true, that we did bring an alligator with sharp teeth and long claws home with us and sent him away to one lucky 3p4 customer.

Stu and I have a strange job and bring some strange things home with us. But it made us laugh the strange stories our daughter must tell at school – next time her teacher will probably wonder if it’s her imagination or reality. alligators in the house, that’s just silly.