3-P4 for Urban Outfitters

This March, Urban Outfitters launched their Designed By: collection – they teamed up and collaborated with several of their favorite talent in fashion and design. Stu and I were honored to be a part of this series of collaborations.

For our 3-P4 line for UO, we brought together all that inspires us day-to-day with our shop. From our travels searching for antiques and curiosities, we designed our collection based off of our favorite vintage pieces and reinvented them for everyday use. Our 3-P4 collection is a glimpse into some of our favorite old things that we love: science charts, general stores, public signage and ephemera, and old school library and school items.

You can check out our 3-P4 for Urban Outfitters collection here and you can also watch a video featuring us and other amazing designers in this exclusive UO Designed By: collection.