end of summer

Can you believe it is almost the end of summer? Crazy, it went by really fast. Stu and I tried as much as we could to spend a lot of time with H + O. They are six + three years old now and are wild, crazy and messy little people. We can’t say we aren’t exhausted but we planned lots of small adventures with them this summer. Our home life and work life are SO intertwined and as beautiful and flexible as it is, it is also very trying, hard and stressful. But we wouldn’t trade the memories that we’ve given them – heading to the store and their squeals of delight when we get there, playing trains in the backroom, going on long explorations in the country, helping with our photo shoots, picking treasures on our buying trips and pretending to be storekeeper. It’s good stuff and I think it will be a summer we’ll always remember. And after Labor Day, we’ll be sending them both off to school full-time where they will embark on their own small adventures.