thank you, country acres.

For the past two months we have been searching for a dog to adopt. After visiting a few local shelters and going through an arduous process for a dog with a rescue we finally found the dog for our family in the little town of Homer, New York.

It was a long drive but it was totally exciting for us and the kids – knowing we would be bringing home a new family member. We drove through the beautiful mountains and countryside. It was an idyllic setting. Country Acres Animal Shelter is set back on a country road in a beautiful hillside. There are chickens along the property and down the street from the shelter is a dairy farm. On our first walk with him on the shelter grounds we stopped to see the cows at the dairy farm – spotted black and white just like the cows, we decided to name him Moo Cow.

The kids are so thrilled with him. Stu and I have been watching and reading and learning tips from the dog whisperer Cesar Millan. We are trying to be good dog owners and pack leaders. So far, Moo Cow is very sweet and obedient and is really such a good fit for us.

Thank you, Country Acres Animal Shelter! We are happy to have found you and the new member to complete our family, our Moo Cow.


If you are considering adopting a dog and feel like the drive. Country Acres has some great dogs and puppies available right now for adoption.