Good 'Ol Rock

I sometimes forget how weird I am and, now that I'm home all the time, how my weirdness is rubbing off on our daughter, Holly. I woke up this morning and thought I'd actually try and take an outsider's view on our daily life and see just how many "not normal" vocabulary, phrases, games, etc. she's learned from us. To me, they're awesome...but I realized that now that she's "hanging out" with more kids her age (3yrs old) and not just us, she might be a bit confused that others don't know what these things mean. Here's just a few from today:

We taught Holly from a very young age that whenever you had the same of anything as anyone else, you were supposed to hold that object up, clink it against the other person's and shout, "Twiiiins!" Some objects which have been subject to "Twins" recently include: plastic orange cups, peanut butter Ritz Bitz, bagels, Converse All-Stars and ukuleles.

If you're ever on anything that's wobbly or shaky or moving around too much, you yell out "Wacky Shack!" Well, actually it's "waaacckkkyyyy shaaaaackkkk!". Can also be used if you see something that looks unstable as in "woah. that thing looks wacky shack. i'm not going in there..." Some additional acceptable derivatives: whack shack; whacker-shacker; sir whackus shackus; whacks-in-a-shack

Good 'Ol Rock
We recently taught Holly the game of rock-paper-scissors and she heard me mutter "good 'ol rock. nothing beats rock" - which is a quote from an old Simpsons episode. Well, now Holly always always puts out rock and never anything else and always adds, "good 'ol rock!"

MooMoo's, Key-ley Key-ley and Eepit
Monsters, armpits and getting something stuck. No, these aren't made up words, but a smattering of Tagalog that has made its way into our daily vocabulary - of which Holly does not know the english equivalent. I can't wait until her friend asks her why she's not allowed in the woods and she tells them it's because "there's moomoo's in there".

Ok, this one is all Holly. It's some kind of game that she made up for herself that involves pieces of paper. I don't know what it involves, how to play it or, well, I guess I don't know anything about it at all, really. But she talks about it all the time and it sounds fascinating. I think the goal of the game is to call-out "flip-flop" or something. I hope she lets me play it one day.

It's tough to be a part of this family. But it's fun. Really fun.